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over 4 years ago

Electrical wiring in home making play very important role,  today underground  electrical wiring are in fashion but  if the selection of size of wire in underground wiring are not proper , it can be very dangerous.

Every home divided in various section either load wise, room wise or both and selection of wire depends upon the current load on that particular wire, if every one use thick wire (high current) there occurs two type of losses first is power loss and other is money loss.So selection of wire is very typical .

Today the MCB and Isolator take place the fuse and cutout and the MCB box have a very important role for electrical safety but the selection of MCB is also very important role. MCB rating is also a big issue in electrical safety, if there are use a higher rating MCB so it can not detect the little rating MCB so it can not detect the little fault and that can be very dangerous for that home and appliances. 

   HMC have full experienced and qualified team of engineers and technician they can calculate the present and future load and provide  the best solution of electrical wiring, installation of DBs and Switch Boards.

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